A Leader is Best…?

What are the best attributes of a leader? There is a famous quote on leadership from Lao Tzu that many are familiar with: A leader is best when people barely know he exists; when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. I understand the intent of the observation: … Continue reading A Leader is Best…?

Excerpt: Followership is Relationship

I am excited that the development of the book is moving forward, and while I can’t share the entire work with you yet, I am enjoying the opportunity to provide you with a new excerpt from time to time to encourage your thinking about followership. Last time, I shared with you that one of the … Continue reading Excerpt: Followership is Relationship

“We follow to find out.”

In the current theatrical release of the film Risen, a Roman soldier asks the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth—after His death and the discovery of the empty tomb—if the answer to what’s going on lies to the north, in Galilee. Peter, the de facto spokesman for the disciples, replies, “We are followers. We follow to … Continue reading “We follow to find out.”

Humility or Unity: Which Comes First?

A King born in a stable. This season of Advent, leading up to the climax of Christmas, highlights for us the unfathomable surprise to be found in the marriage of majesty and the mundane. There are few more poignant depictions of humility in Western culture than to behold a monarch being birthed in a manger. Humility–and … Continue reading Humility or Unity: Which Comes First?

Excellent Followership: Spiderweb, Not Hamster Wheel

If you had to choose, would you rather be in a spiderweb or a hamster wheel? Sure, hamsters are cute and fluffy, but their wheels don’t go anywhere. Perhaps no better, spiderwebs can be sticky and tricky, and perhaps a bit freaky. I’ve been musing on the idea of “support” recently. In my current role … Continue reading Excellent Followership: Spiderweb, Not Hamster Wheel