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Below are some recommended books and videos to facilitate your journey of followership. See also Chapters 11-13 of Embracing Followership for an in-depth review of various resources to facilitate your personal growth & development toward following with excellence. Additionally, the 140-page Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups and Companion Resources page offer a vast menu of additional material for individual reflection and group use.

You can find the below items and other books on my goodreads_icon_32x32‘followership’ shelf on Goodreads. See also the Biblio page for other recommended reads.

pwr-fshipThe Power of Followership, by Robert Kelleyittakestwo

It Takes Two: Managing Yourself When Working with Bosses and Other Authority Figures, by Gene Boccialetti


The Courageous Follower: Standing Up to and for Our Leaders, by Ira Chaleff (see his endorsement also)


Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders, by Barbara Kellerman

An additional review of this work can be found on my other blog,

follower-firstFollower First, by Rusty Ricketsoncreative-fship

Creative Followership, by Jimmy Collins

jazzLeadership Jazz, by Max DePree

cult-intellCultural Intelligence: Living and Working Globally, by David C. Thomas & Kerr Inkson

You can find my reviews of these works on Goodreads and at

2000px-Wikipedia-logo-v2-en.svgAs of August 2017, ‘followership’ now exists as a topic on Wikipedia! Check out this well-done article:

Here’s a ‘followership’ playlist that I’ve curated on YouTube containing a number of videos to stimulate your thinking on various aspects of followership:

Read thoughts on some of these videos in these blog posts: video reflections.

Additional video & audio:

The Open University: free course “Leadership and Followership” (referenced in, and applied to, Sea Kayaking)

Followership lecture for engineers from Rice University

Followership sermons from Blue Oaks Church & Riverview Church

EmbracingFollowership_CoverTextureAdditional information about my own book, Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture, is available on The Book page of this website.

Followership Guide coverA team/small group discussion guide to accompany Embracing Followership has been developed, bringing this personal journey of following with excellence into a group endeavor. It was released December 19th, 2017, along with a number of new supplemental resources.

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