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Followership Guide coverFollowing-up on the release of Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture (Feb 2016), author Allen Hamlin Jr is releasing a companion volume, Embracing Followership: A Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups. Available from Kirkdale Press on December 19th, 2017 in print and various eBook formats (see below for links).

The original book did much to surface some of the internal and personal realitiesEmbracingFollowership_CoverTexture of our followership—overcoming misconceptions, taking ownership, and engaging in personal development. There was also a consistent thread of the importance of relationship, both with one’s leader(s) and with one’s fellow followers, as crucial aspects of following with excellence.

Taking the next step in Embracing Followership necessitates moving from an individual journey into a relational context to be challenged, inspired, and encouraged as you explore the application of these ideas into your workplace, team, and community involvements.

discussion guide spreadThis robust, 140-page discussion guide provides a bridge into this next step, with plenty of material for ongoing personal reflection as well as group dialogue about 12 of the key themes from Embracing Followership. Suitable for a book club, community-based home meeting, or workplace seminar, it offers a menu of new and flexible content that can accommodate groups of various sizes with various time constraints. You’ll note the title says that it’s for “Teams & Small Groups”; what’s the difference? We’ll explore that soon in a blog post, offering a reflection on the different environments within which you might engage in embracing followership!

The discussion guide itself is supported by additional free resources found on this website, with each session tied to a number of related blog posts, and there are worksheets and supplemental activities available for easy printing and download. See the Companion Resources page for more!

Whether you’ve already read the original book, or are beginning to think about moving forward with embracing followership in your own life, this discussion guide will be an invaluable resource to further guide you into contributing your very best to the groups, projects, and endeavors that you’re a part of!

Find it online at:

Amazon (print & Kindle) Goodreads BookDepository Logos / Vyrso

See the Ordering Info page for links to find the original book, Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture.


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