Here’s what those who have read Embracing Followership are saying about what they’ve found in its pages…

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Recommendation by author Todd Coburn

Browse the testimonials here, and see reviews on AmazonAmazon UK, Amazon Canada, & Goodreads, and a blurb in the Brigada resource newsletter. Featured by MissioNexus in their ‘Book Look’ (Oct 20, 2016).

Video Review by Christopher Scott (June 30, 2016):

Embracing Followership was listed by blogger Joe Valenti as a recommended title for 2016. See his post: Planning Your Reading for 2016 (part 2)” (Jan 4, 2016). You can also read his review (Feb 17, 2016).

Check out the behind-the-scenes interview with the senior editor on the project, Rebecca Brant (Mar 2, 2016).


“Allen Hamlin writes on followership with an elevating language that imbues this form of relationship with service, grace, and individuality. A very welcome addition to the growing literature on followership.”

Ira Chaleff, author of The Courageous Follower


“The genius of Allen’s approach and treatment of this subject of ‘followership’ is that each of us is a follower in some way in almost every aspect of our lives. This is a thoughtful exploration and consideration of what it means to excel as a follower, which is essential for all of us to enhance our friendships, our workplaces, our communities, and our faith. Embracing Followership should be required reading for those working in a group setting, since developing our followership abilities has a direct effect on improving our teams, our leaders, and our organizations.”

—Duane E. Okamoto, senior attorney, Microsoft Corporation


Embracing Followership may be among the top 10 most fresh, provocatively insightful expressions of what kind of thinking can ‘set the readers free’ from mindless cultural expectations on us that we’ve unconsciously imbibed. If you are one of the multitudes who can’t escape thinking you should be more of a leader, this book is for you. It marvelously clarifies the reality of how we are all both leaders and followers and are ‘blessed’ when we find ourselves ‘at home’ with that reality. I plan to distribute dozens of copies!”

—Greg Livingstone, founder, Frontiers


“In Embracing Followership, Hamlin has punctuated the important truth of followership—that followership is a matter of function not value. In other words, a follower’s value is found in his living out his relational followership. Hamlin gives tremendously practical ways to live this out in the context of a healthy leader/follower team.”

Dr. Ed Scheuerman, coordinator, Intercultural Studies Program, Lancaster Bible College


Embracing Followership challenged and changed me—one of the rare books that can challenge your worldview and make you glad you read it. Allen manages to exalt followers without disparaging leaders, proving the unique value of each and providing practical steps to move us toward the mutually beneficial place of respect and value for the contributions of both.”

T. J. MacLeslie, minister, missionary, and author of Designed for Relationship


“Hamlin writes this book for those who know they aren’t a leader but don’t want to ‘settle’ as a follower.  He provides a new paradigm for understanding and acknowledging the value of followership.  This book provides renewed purpose and encouragement for the role of followers in teams and organizations.”

—Dr. Susan Murray, co-Area Leader, Pioneers Japan


“I love Allen’s heart and the book God has grown out of who he is. He is right. We live in a ‘leader-driven culture’ where there is little focus on the spiritual integrity and dignity of ‘followership.’ Jesus called us to ‘follow Him,’ and the church is the strongest when together we follow Him and the design He has for us as His people. We are called to excel in followership. Well done, Allen, and thank you.”

—Dr. Hal Habecker, founder, Finishing Well Ministries


“All too often we forget that strong leadership implies that people are following. This is an excellent treatment of a topic that is mostly ignored. Just about anybody can benefit from reading this book.”  

—Dr. Ted Esler, president, Missio Nexus


“Embracing Followership is a compelling read. It is compelling because it exposes our preconceptions and assumptions on leadership and followership. It does not devalue leadership but seeks to elevate followership in a healthy way. It establishes followership as a ministry call in itself, rather necessarily being a stepping stone to ‘greater things’.

The book also questions how we assign value to the 90% of the people in our organisations who may not fit the mould we define as ‘leader’. Some of the most influential people are not those who have the title of leader, but who have a healthy notion of stewarding what God has made them. The book challenges us to ‘change the price tags’ in what we value in our selection, prioritisation and equipping processes, and I think this is good for the Body of Christ.

The thing I love most is how Allen challenges followers to see themselves as contributing to the success of their leaders – allowing encouragement and expertise to move ‘up’ the chain of command to help leaders, lead better. This is a proactive way of looking at followership. It is then not a race to get ahead, but how we can all spur each other to run a better race.”

—Mark S, director, Pioneers inAsia


“Embracing Followership is an excellent book to start with. The author reminds us that regardless of what title we hold in our organization, all of us are followers at some level. We often given little thought, however, to the quality of our followership or to our place in the bigger picture. Allen Hamlin Jr outlines the opportunities of excellent followership and uses biblical examples of follower-leader relationships. Hamlin encourages us to be thoughtful and intentional in our followership as a way of setting an example for others.

I found much in this book that resonated with my experience as both a follower and a leader. It is a thought-provoking book that would make a great discussion tool among a team or as part of an orientation for new staff, with many levels of application.”

—Lisa L, an educator who has worked on 4 continents for over 30 years as part of NGO teams

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