“Allen Hamlin writes on followership with an elevating language that imbues this form of relationship with service, grace, and individuality. A very welcome addition to the growing literature on followership.”

Ira Chaleff, author, The Courageous Follower

“Hamlin offers much practical advice for followers – time management, rest, stewardship, respect, etc. He also is thorough in highlighting the potential obstacles to following well. But at the core of Hamlin’s approach are the areas of communication and relationship with one’s leader.” (more…)

Joe Valenti, pastor & blogger

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Sheep & Sheepdogs

Given the option of being labeled a sheep or a sheepdog, which would you rather be? Being called a sheep is perhaps the most common negative image of followership–often intended to portray mindlessness, weakness, simplicity. Who wouldn’t rather be a powerful and productive sheepdog?

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