Encouraging you to follow with excellence by continuing the journey of exploration & reflection that was launched by the book Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture by Allen Hamlin Jr (Kirkdale Press, Feb 2016).


A new companion volume, A Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups, is available now!


“Allen Hamlin writes on followership with an elevating language that imbues this form of relationship with service, grace, and individuality. A very welcome addition to the growing literature on followership.”

Ira Chaleff, author, The Courageous Follower

“Allen has written a helpful resource for people who have read his book and want to go deeper together. The chapters tie right in with the text of the book. He also offers detailed assistance with helping people apply the concepts to their workplace, volunteering roles, and church and ministry.” (more…)

James Galvin, president, Galvin & Associates

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