“Allen Hamlin writes on followership with an elevating language that imbues this form of relationship with service, grace, and individuality. A very welcome addition to the growing literature on followership.”

Ira Chaleff, author, The Courageous Follower


“Hamlin offers much practical advice for followers – time management, rest, stewardship, respect, etc. He also is thorough in highlighting the potential obstacles to following well. But at the core of Hamlin’s approach are the areas of communication and relationship with one’s leader.” (more…)

Joe Valenti, pastor & blogger

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5 Gauges for Your Followership

How do we know when we’re outpacing ourselves? How do we know if we’re pushing ourselves too hard, for too long—overamping on our intensity in unhealthy and unsustainable ways? How do we know whether, in the course of our desire to be excellent contributors, we are actually stretching ourselves so thin that the quality of our followership is actually diminishing, even if our short-term output seems to be multiplying?

Servant Leadership & Excellent Followership

The notion of servant leadership has been en vogue in recent decades, fueled in part by Robert Greenleaf publishing his classic text in 1977. Given our cultural fascination with leadership, and our desire to imbue the concept of leadership with as many positive qualities as possible (see, “Leader: the ideal human being?“), it’s not surprising … Continue reading Servant Leadership & Excellent Followership

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