Encouraging you to follow with excellence by continuing the journey of exploration & reflection that was launched by the book Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture by Allen Hamlin Jr (Kirkdale Press, Feb 2016).


Now with a new companion volume, A Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups! Free giveaway taking place Nov 18-30, 2017 on Goodreads!


“Allen Hamlin writes on followership with an elevating language that imbues this form of relationship with service, grace, and individuality. A very welcome addition to the growing literature on followership.”

Ira Chaleff, author, The Courageous Follower

“Allen Hamlin’s book caused me to think of followership in a fresh way….if you are a bit like me, and your mind really is in a ‘leader-centric’ world, then let this book cause you to feel uncomfortable and make you think about followership.”


James, global nomad

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