“Allen Hamlin writes on followership with an elevating language that imbues this form of relationship with service, grace, and individuality. A very welcome addition to the growing literature on followership.”

Ira Chaleff, author, The Courageous Follower

“Written as a response to the leader-centric culture we live in, Allen takes his readers through what he calls true followership and how we as a culture have skewed our view of what it means to be a follower and what it means to follow well.

Ironically who I think this should be read by the most are people that this book claims not to be for. Leaders of any level of influence would be encouraged and challenged by this book, correcting some of the ‘I’m first, so you must be second’ mindsets that have gotten us this far.

Embracing Followership is gracefully written and would be the perfect read for anyone struggling with their position of influence or wishing to become excellent followers.” (more…)

Garrhet Sampson, writer & entrepreneur

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