Companion Resources & Downloads

Followership Guide coverHere you can find resource links and downloads to complement your use of Embracing Followership: A Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups, the 12-session discussion guide that supplements Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture.

The following category links take you to blog posts on this site that are recommended reading for each study:

Study 1:
Study 5:
Study 9:
Study 2:
Study 6:
Study 10:
Study 3:
Study 7:
Study 11:
Study 4:
Study 8:
Study 12:

You can also find downloadable materials mentioned at the end of the discussion guide…

Observation-Interpretation-Application Bible Study Materials (for use with each study)


“If someone gave you…” Activity (accompanies Study 4 & Chapters 5, 7, 11, & 12; printable download; explanatory blog post & sample/demo PowerPoint slide)

Red Zone Worksheet (accompanies Study 5 & Chapter 13; printable download)

Body Life Activity (accompanies Study 7 & Chapters 6 & 12; printable download)

Free Sample Study (Study 8: “Honor Thy Colaborer”), with Facilitator’s Notes

Additional resources on followership—including videos and book recommendations—can be found on the general Resources page of this website.


The tools included in the Logos 7 Bible software were foundational to the development of this Bible study/discussion guide. You can get the basic version of this software for free at:

Other Bible studies written by the author, Allen Hamlin Jr, are available for free download:

The Trinity (5 studies; print size: LTR / A4)

The Five Circles & the Nature of Humanity (5 studies; looking at our spirit, mind, will, emotions, and body as the parts of who God has created us to be; print size: LTR / A4)

Allen blogged a 2-year journey of reflecting on the Psalms. You can find a reading plan and more at

A few sermons are also available for download (along with some of Allen’s creative writings) at Allen’s original blog site:

Allen has also been a contributing blogger at


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