Followership Follow-Up

Just a quick ‘news blurb’ to say that I’ve recently begun working on a companion resource for Embracing Followership. The content is in development and I’m excited to share more details with you soon; I’m planning to have an initial sample off to the publisher by the end of this week! You can look forward to new material & resources to help you explore additional dimensions of your followership!

We’re just about 11 months on from the book’s initial release (Feb 24th will mark one year!) and it’s been encouraging to hear people’s experiences with the book! You can read a few thoughts here on the Endorsements page.

If you’ve personally had a chance to read Embracing Followership, why not help us mark our 1-year anniversary by adding your own rating/review? Hop on over to or Goodreads (and find links for other outlets such as Faithlife Ebooks, Logos,, etc. on the Ordering Info page) and share your own experience with the book!

Stay tuned for other news about how we’ll be celebrating one year of publication: follow this blog for notification about an upcoming giveaway opportunity to get a free signed copy of the book!

Thanks for your support & encouragement!

UPDATE (May 5th, 2017): the manuscript for this follow-up project has been accepted for publication! We expect its release later this year!

UPDATE (Sept 23rd, 2017): title & cover design work has begun, on track for a December release date!

UPDATE (Nov 3rd, 2017): publication date set for December 19th!

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