Still opportunities to Embrace!

As I am about to begin my PhD research, you won’t see many new materials across our various social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn). But that doesn’t mean that the pursuit of Embracing Followership needs to stagnate! With nearly 4000 total sales, the message is continuing to go out, and there’s no shortage of resources available to help you engage in your own journey of Embracing Followership!

With over 100 blog posts, more than a dozen free downloads, and numerous other recommended resources and links, there’s plenty to keep you equipped and reflecting on how you can make your most excellent contributions in your workplace, volunteer association, or other community!

Feel free to leave a comment or send a message if you have a question or need a little direction to facilitate your personal and professional growth and exploration! And if you’ve had your own experience of Embracing Followership, please do leave a rating/review on Amazon and Goodreads and share your experience with others.

Till we meet again!


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