Top Clicks of 2020

Whatever 2020 may have held for you–whether it was more time for reading & reflection, or less–the year has finally ended. However, our journey toward excellence in our followership and our contributions continues on.

In case you missed something that might be a help to you, here’s the busiest posts and free downloads on our site in the past year.

Top 5 Posts

Servant Leadership & Excellent Followership

A Followership Definition of Servant Leadership?

What does it mean to be excellent?

A Servant Leadership Definition of Followership

The Convictions of Harry Potter

Top 5 Free Downloads

Enneagram Profile

Interview Questions

Followership Self-Evaluation

Red Zone Worksheet

Leadership Self-Evaluation

I hope these can help to resource you for your personal & organizational growth in 2021. You can find the full list of posts on our Blog Post Index page, and the complete archive of free downloads (which are keyed to support both the book and the discussion guide) is available from our Companion Resources page.

All the best as you continue embracing followership, for your own welfare and for the benefit of all the groups and endeavors with which you engage!



For encouragement and guidance in understanding and applying yourself to following and leading with excellence and helping others to do the same, see:

Followership Guide cover

Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture (by Allen Hamlin Jr; Feb 2016), and  A Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups (Dec 2017) —

along with our variety of free downloadable resources and the index of other posts on this site.

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