Lindsay Ackerman, director of development operations

“Concepts from Embracing Followership truly have embedded in the way we think as a small administrative/support team (5 people). We actually have adopted the ‘ripe banana’ concept [Chapter 6] as a team and added an image of a ripe banana amidst green bananas on the top of our team meeting agenda template – it is wonderful because as we’ve added new staff the image prompts curiosity which leads to discussion about the concepts from the book! And often we remind each other to be ‘ripe bananas’ with our co-workers in terms of modeling desired behavior and ways of thinking.

“We utilized both the book and the discussion guide to put together a staff ‘lunch & learn’ in 2019 that was well received. We’ve also made the book required reading for 2 new members of our immediate team this year, as they are all in support roles that require a lot of small ‘l’ leadership.

“In all, Embracing Followership has had a tremendous impact on our team! So thankful to Allen for this wonderful book. Even for those staff who don’t think of themselves as followers, there are concepts in terms of how they relate to donors as well as how they interact with others followers in the organization that would be good food for thought and discussion.

“I will be sure to recommend this book to my connections in other organizations as well!”

-Lindsay Ackerman, Director of Development Operations, Mission India

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