New Free Resource: Followership Self-Evaluation

Many of us regularly describe the work of personal development and growth as a “journey.” One thing that’s true of any trip is that it begins somewhere. For a GPS app to be able to plot your route to your destination, it has to be able to determine your current location.

Similarly, as we engage in the work of change and transformation, knowing where we are currently is essential for identifying where we’d like to go, the best course of action to take, the appropriate vehicles to use, as well as some of the challenges that might harass us while we’re trying to get there.

To facilitate the start of that journey, I’ve developed a free downloadable & printable resource to provide you with an opportunity to take stock of where you’re at.

dloadFollowership Self-Evaluation (free PDF) pulls together much of the content of Chapters 2-10 of Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture, in which various misconceptions, obligations, contributions, and challenges related to following with excellence are explored. This framework provides many opportunities for personal reflection about your current perspective and experience of followership in your own life.

Followership Guide coverThis reflection exercise fits well with one’s reading through the book individually, and also makes for a helpful activity to supplement the use of the companion volume, A Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups. This self-evaluation works especially well as a follow-up to Study 1, providing an initial benchmark at the start of one’s journey, but will prove additionally useful as a summary exercise to be completed with Study 12 at the end of the Discussion Guide, or even mid-way through as Study 6 explores growth.

After evaluating yourself as a follower (whether or not you also hold a leadership title), it will be valuable for you to share some of your most significant misconceptions, challenges, or desires for contribution with your mentor, life coach, or peers in order to find guidance and support for making the changes you’ve identified and achieving progress on your personal journey.


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For encouragement and guidance in understanding and applying yourself to following and leading with excellence and helping others to do the same, see:


Followership Guide coverEmbracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture (by Allen Hamlin Jr; Feb 2016), and  A Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups (Dec 2017).

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