Inspiration: A Vision of the Possible

As I recount in the introduction to Embracing Followership, the journey of formulating and capturing my thoughts on followership launched in 2011, after reading a book entitled A Vision of the Possible. A brief comment by the author indicated that we have plenty of books on leadership, but that we really need a book on how to be a good follower.


That simple statement gave birth to my whole-hearted investment in reflecting on and developing my own followership, which has been captured and presented for your benefit in my book.

You can read my original review of A Vision of the Possible from November 2011, which was written shortly after reading the book and beginning to take the first steps on this road to writing and publication. You can see a timeline of the milestones in the book’s development on our Facebook page.

You can read excerpts and view the table of contents from Embracing Followership on this blog.


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