Lessons from Lemmings

One of the first reflections that helped to crystallize my thoughts on followership was the result of playing a video game in my youth which featured lemmings, small rodents which have the erroneous reputation for mindlessly throwing themselves off of cliffs in droves.

Lemmings became a symbol for mindless behavior, the desperate state of being totally reliant upon someone else for guidance, to protect you from yourself, and to hold your hand in order to get any meaningful task accomplished. In our modern society, those saviors were seen as the leaders, and the lemmings were known as followers.

As followers, we have the opportunity to correct this erroneous reputation Continue reading “Lessons from Lemmings”

Inspiration: A Vision of the Possible

As I recount in the introduction to Embracing Followership, the journey of formulating and capturing my thoughts on followership launched in 2011, after reading a book entitled A Vision of the Possible. A brief comment by the author indicated that we have plenty of books on leadership, but that we really need a book on how to be a good follower. Continue reading “Inspiration: A Vision of the Possible”