Popular Free Downloads

Followership Guide coverJust a reminder that we have a number of free downloads available on a range of personal reflection and group discussion topics. These work especially well as supplemental resources to the Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups, but the downloads have been indexed to relevant chapters from the original Embracing Followership book as well.

The full selection of free downloads can be found at: https://embracingfollowership.com/the-book/companion-resources/

Top downloads so far in 2019 are…

dloadFollowership Self-Evaluation (accompanies Study 1 & Chapters 2-10; printable download; intro post)

dloadLeader-Follower Lists (accompanies Study 2 & Chapters 1-6 & 23; printable download; intro post)

dloadEnneagram Profile Worksheet (accompanies Study 6 & Chapter 11; printable download; intro post)

dload“If someone gave you…” Activity (accompanies Study 4 & Chapters 5, 7, 11, & 12; printable download; explanatory blog post & sample/demo PowerPoint slide)

Additional resources are in development; so check back for new materials!


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