Author Interview

I was recently interviewed by Ken Gosnell of CEO Experience. Ken asked me a number of questions which touch on some of the most frequent points of confusion and exploration when it comes to followership. Continue reading “Author Interview”

Discussion Guide Launch & Endorsement

The new volume in the Embracing Followership series is now available! Embracing Followership: A Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups is on sale in print and eBook formats (including Kindle, Logos, Faithlife, and others).

Here’s what executive coach, Dr Tom Lambshead, has to say about this new resource: Continue reading “Discussion Guide Launch & Endorsement”

Interview: Behind the Scenes with Senior Editor Rebecca Brant

One clear message in the book Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture is the importance of relationship. All group endeavors require, in order to be successful, a healthy dynamic between leaders and followers as well as among fellow followers.

The production of any quality book requires a variety of input, perspectives, and expertise. One of the primary voices involved in working with me to produce Embracing Followership was my senior editor at Kirkdale Press, Rebecca Brant.

Rebecca took some time to reflect on her experience of working with me and the personal impact of the ideas contained within the book. Continue reading “Interview: Behind the Scenes with Senior Editor Rebecca Brant”

In the Words of Ira Chaleff…

Allen – Reading an excerpt from your forthcoming book on followership I am impressed with the elevating language you use to imbue this form of relationship with service, grace and individuality. I look forward to more.

There have been a number of books that have helped me along in my journey of followership, much as I hope my book will in turn be helpful to others. Ira Chaleff is the author of The Courageous Follower, a book I reference frequently and build from as I present my own ideas in Embracing Followership. Ira recently honored me by sharing the above words. Continue reading “In the Words of Ira Chaleff…”